Welcome to Eximline Co., Ltd

EIL Co., Ltd is an agribusiness company registered in Vietnam for the purpose of exporting agricutural products. Company is established in order to unliftment of rural products by puschasing directly from the farmers who controlled by a team of agronomists.

The company vision: To become a leading exporter of Vietnam Agricutural products by forming benefical & profitable parnerships farmers in Vietnam.

The company mission: To produce quality agricultural products using improved production, value addition & marketing innovation for multiple benefit.

Our business policy is that we purchase our agricultural products directly from our farmers and we take care their business along with each period in order to they follow the standards of Global GAP. For this reason, we can be confident that we can able to give our customer the quality and safe products that can meet to any requirement of any standards in the world.

We take care of our entire business partner because we belive to make relation with them for a long time relationship!