Eating pomelo: Lunar New Year tables decorated with giant citrus

A Northern Territory tropical fruit farmer says demand has been strong for pomelos during the Lunar New Year.
The giant, soccer ball-sized fruit, which is also known as citrus maxima, is predominantly found in South-East Asia, but is grown by several farmers near Darwin.
Pomelo is used as a decorative food during the Lunar New Year celebration period, which began on January 28.
Han Shiong Siah from Tropical Primary Products said he hit the Sydney and Melbourne markets to meet the demand at this time of year.
“It’s a season that we try to target and try to present them with a little bit of leaf, as a green fruit,” he said.
“People love really nice looking fruit that can hold on the shelf for 14 days straight, so we’ve never had an issue with oversupply.
“With the extra care that we give to these pomelos with the additional leaves to make them look pretty, it gets them a premium price.”
Mr Shiong Siah said many Australians may not have heard of a pomelo, let alone eaten the fruit.
“Eating a pomelo is actually very different — it looks like an orange but about 20 times larger,” he said.
“You just cut the rind all the way around … but don’t cut into the flesh of the fruit and you rip it apart.
“So you open it up and the individual juice sacs in there, you only eat those, they are very juicy and very nice to eat.”

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